Sudah tidak menerima sebarang tempahan kerana komitmen baru tetapi sebarang resepi atau idea di sini boleh digunakan. Sekiranya guna gambar sila credit kepada anjungnorry ok..TQ for visiting

Figurine Birthday Cupcake

Figurine Dr. Sal and Husband

This one for the wifey....I guess she want to taste it before before the husband...the taste must be as good as how they it's ho ho

I'm lucky because my husband is a big fan of Manchester united, just gunting from his magazine

I guess her husband love to eat McD....

The Laptop...

LOVE is all around.....sweet...

The coat for husband....

Hospital, maybe because she work at hospital...

Happy forever ya..
The packaging
With my son....Naim, love HIM...mmmuahhh

Figurine Birthday Cupcake Order by Dr. Sal for her husband besday....hope the husband like the surprise. Wish both of U happiness ever after....cepat-cepat dapat anak ye...:)

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