Sudah tidak menerima sebarang tempahan kerana komitmen baru tetapi sebarang resepi atau idea di sini boleh digunakan. Sekiranya guna gambar sila credit kepada anjungnorry ok..TQ for visiting

New Hobby-Felting

Recently I just found a new hobby that really interesting, this hobby made me happy, I can custom design my own brooch to be match with my hijab, I have a fun with all this felt fabric material, and also with the beautiful buttons. This is only a few, more design will coming soon, anybody interested to have this lovely FELT BROOCH can email me at This brooch is only RM5.00 1 piece, not include postage fee, can custom design on colours and shapes.

The only thing in my mind just now is.... thinking that I need to create 1 more blog about this felt product or stay on this blog, I already have 3 blog, my food blog, my photography blog and my personal blog. 2 facebook to be update.... and working at hospital dealing with many patient made this impossible for me to create 1 more blog, so I just slot 1 more product under anjungnorry, maybe need to change the header and a little information about this blog

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