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Top 10 Hobbies That Make Money

Top 10 Hobbies That Make Money

What could be better then earning money for doing a hobby that you enjoy? Not much, thats what! There are many types of hobbies that can lead to a steady income.

Here is a list of my personal top 10 favorite hobbies that make money:

1. Hiking Guides

If you enjoy hiking on trails in the woods, in the mountains or elsewhere, you can offer your services as a guide. Experience in hiking and being familiar with all that the trails may offer a first time sight-seer is a wealth of knowledge that many people would gladly pay for. Your hours can be filled with enjoying the outdoors while earning a paycheck and sharing your knowledge with beginners. A hiking guide is a great job to have if you enjoy being outdoors as a hobby.

2. Fishing Guides

Individuals that enjoy fishing as a hobby and who own their own boat can often times make money by hiring their services out to tourists that are unfamiliar with the waters of the area. Being the captain of your own boat while allowing vacationers to enjoy fishing can be a great hobby that turns into a money maker. If you live close to a large body of water such as a large lake or near the ocean, advertising your services as a fishing guide will almost assuredly allow you to earn money doing what you find most enjoyable.

3. Comic Book Collecting

Collectors of comic books can enjoy their hobby while making money trading with other collectors.

4. Baseball Card Collecting

Baseball card collecting has been a hobby since the late 1800′s. The first cards were almost always used with some sort of advertisement such as for cigarettes or candy. Buying and selling baseball cards will allow the collector to earn money while working on their own collection at the same time.

5. Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting is a fun hobby that can net you a decent profit if you know what to look for and are willing to invest the time needed for out of print stamps to appreciate value.

6. Sewing and Knitting

Sewing as a hobby can be turned into a way of earning extra money. With more and more women having to work at jobs outside the home, they rarely have time to do their own sewing. If you own a sewing machine and have experience using the machine to alter and mend items, you may be able to earn money by offering your services. Crocheting and knitting as a hobby can also fit into this category. Knitted baby items have always been popular to give as a gift for a new mother and baby. Most customers understand that it takes time to knit or crochet baby items so they will be happy to pay for your time and the quality item you produce.

7. Pet Care

For those that enjoy spending time with animals as a hobby, becoming a dog sitter will allow you to spend time with animals while earning money. Dog sitters are responsible for taking care of pets while the owners are on vacation, ill or for a variety of other reasons. You have the choice of sitting for the animal in the owners home, as a combination house sitter/dog sitter, or in the comfort of your own home. Walking dogs is also a great idea.

8. Painting

If you have an artistic talent that you enjoy as a hobby you can make appointments to do personal sketches or paintings. Everyone loves to have their portrait made, so this hobby allows you to make money at your own pace and on your own schedule. Using a small room in your house as a studio is all you will need to get going in this type of business. Most customers are willing to pay well for a good quality sketch, water color or oil painting. If you are talented you can make extra money from this type of hobby.

9. Woodworking

Woodworking is a hobby that many enjoy and is also a hobby that you can make money while doing. Small wooden statues and personalized plaques are always popular with consumers. If you make a variety of your woodworking crafts you can take them to a local flea market and set up a stand to sell the items. If you do wood burning you can take specialized orders while you are there, or make them in front of the customer. Hand made furniture is also a very popular item that you can enjoy making as a hobby.

10. Truck Driving

If you enjoy driving and seeing the country by way of the road, you may be able to make money by driving a small moving van. Many times people that are having to move long distances would rather have their belongings in a small truck that is driven by a person they know and are familiar with.

These are some of the most popular hobbies that make money. If none of these interest you there are several other good ideas over to your right. There are many other ways to earn money with your personal interests. Just think about what you are good at and how you might be able to turn that into a little extra cash in your pocket! Dont expect to be a millionaire overnight, but with a little work and fun you might find yourself with a little extra pocket cash, and who knows, maybe your own business!

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In this article not include baking and cooking as one of the hobby that turns into money....:))

Here's some ideas how to turn ur hobby into money...

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