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I Blog About Food – Pick Me!

Blog name/URL

When do you start blogging?
I start blogging on May 2oo9 , I blog about personal but also love to post entry about food. I create 1 more blog for food on January 2010, this blog is 99% about food, this blog is about my passion in cooking and baking.

Introduce yourself and your blog
My name is Norry. I'm working as an optometrist working from 8.00-5.00. I'm a busy wife and mom, love cooking, love baking so much. my blog is about how my hobby turns into money, I also post lots of tips and recipe in my blog

Why do you blog about food?
It was a real satisfaction when I can cook for my family.I start cooking when I was 10 years old, I'm the eldest in my family, so of course I'm the one that my mom asking to cook when she's busy..:) I love to try many recipes-try and error, life is about trying.....never give up...but the ending is always sweet. But to be professional of course I need to learn from proffesional, I already join few classes tu upgrade myself to some level....still learning and learning. now I'm also offer classes for anybody that interested to learn about chocolate and cupcakes.

Do you make money with your food blog?
Yes. it's started as a hobby, but now it is a hobby that turns into money. I receive many orders , at the same time I love it so much because I always have the oppoturnity to create something new and different for my clients, I can use my imagination and produce new idea in every design that I do for cake, cupcake and chocolate. I also love to try new recipe, cook for family and friends and of course my dear husband and son(Naim Hamzi)enjoy to eat them too....:)

Why should we pick your food blog?
I think MBP should pick my blog because my blog is 99% about food, sharing lots of tips and recipe that I post here, many recipe more to post. I also hope that every mom can cook for their family as it will be more nutritious and hygienic and of course can saving money compare if we eat outside.

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